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Safety & Comfort

La Smeralda offers you a stay characterized by maximum hygiene and comfort.
We want to make you feel in a protected and equally comfortable environment!
In addition to rigorously applying the institutional hygiene measures already envisaged in this phase, La Smeralda wants to offer you further precautions designed by our technical staff specifically so that you can enjoy your holiday in complete serenity.
Read below some examples

Safety and Comfort * solutions for linen

Safety and Comfort * solutions for a tasty breakfast in the open air

Our availability for every need

Permanent natural ventilation for constantly renewed air

Air conditioning with exclusive systems dedicated to the single room (and not centralized) that can be sanitized for each guest.

Systematic sanitization of all private and common areas

 Easy procedures for all check-in and check-out operations

* All Safety and Comfort solutions are part of a program designed specifically to provide you with the guarantee of top hygiene. We have worked for the safety and quality that your holiday deserves!

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